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United Healthcare Insurance

United Healthcare offers many insurance plans for individuals and families. Depending on the plan, visit the doctor or hospital of your choice; there are no networks. Some plans make addiction treatment an in-network benefit; others require out-of-network benefits to be paid upfront by the insured. Details vary depending on location.

United Healthcare Coverage For Inpatient Treatment

United Healthcare’s short term medical plans may cover addiction treatment and rehabilitation for a percentage of the time, however there are key differences in the coverage availability between states. Inpatient rehab coverage is not available in most states, while outpatient or support group therapy is only available in certain states. United Healthcare also offers a variety of other plan types, from individual and family insurance options to more specific insurance plans such as a cancer care plan. For a complete state-by-state breakdown of inpatient vs. outpatient coverage, please click here .

United Healthcare Coverage For Outpatient Treatment

The outpatient rehab coverage offered by United Healthcare is very important because it helps people with drug and alcohol problems get the help they need without the stress of finances.

United Healthcare Addiction Treatment

Drug and alcohol addiction services included in policies often consist of:

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At True Self Recovery in Arkansas, we offer free insurance verification for our clients who feel they need some help. When you contact us, we will carry out the thorough analysis of your addiction problem, and then recommend a workable drug treatment program. Next, we will contact your insurance provider on your behalf and verify your benefits. We will also let you know if you will be responsible for any out-of-pocket expense not covered under your plan.

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