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At True Self Recovery, we are more than just a treatment center; we are a beacon of hope and transformation in Arkansas. Comprising a dedicated team of professionals, many of whom have journeyed through recovery themselves, we deeply understand the valor and strength required to seek help. Passionate and committed, we stand united with a singular mission: to guide every individual toward a life of lasting recovery.

True Self Recovery specializes in comprehensive care for those grappling with substance abuse and mental health challenges:

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A Full Continuum of Care

At True Self Recovery, we firmly believe in providing a comprehensive and seamless journey to recovery. Recognizing that every individual’s path to healing is unique, we’ve structured a full continuum of care to meet and support our clients every step of the way:

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Our addiction treatment program offers a very high level of clinical services in a comfortable home-like setting. During intake, we will formulate a customized treatment plan based on your needs. There are many components and options available. Give us a call! We’d love to better understand your situation and explain how we can best help.

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Behind every success story at True Self Recovery is a group of dedicated and compassionate professionals who bring their expertise, experience, and empathy to the forefront of addiction treatment.  Each member of our team is deeply committed to the mission of True Self Recovery, working tirelessly to ensure that every client feels seen, heard, and supported. Together, we form a tapestry of care, passion, and dedication, ensuring that every individual’s journey toward recovery is surrounded by expertise and heart.










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