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Residential treatment centers are clinically focused, intensive, live-in facilities where patients are continually monitored and supervised by trained staff.

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What is residential treatment?

A residential treatment program (RTC) typically ranges from three to four weeks, and features a comfortable setting that supports healing. Residential treatment is designed to give patients the time they need to heal, develop life skills, and reintegrate into society without the use of substances. RTCs that offer an integrated aftercare program are often considered more effective by many in the addiction recovery industry.

In a residential setting you will have the opportunity to focus on your recovery with a strong support system. Our program offers a safe haven where you can experience a healthier way of life – without the stress and pressure of being in your everyday environment. You will be given the necessary tools and support to succeed in living a sober life.

We offer each client a truly individualized treatment plan. Our clinical team looks to treat not just the addiction, but any co-occurring Depression, Anxiety, and Unresolved Trauma as well.

Why seek residential treatment?

Residential treatment offers individuals the greatest level of supervision and support throughout their time at the treatment center. Whether you are struggling with drugs, alcohol, or mental health, residential treatment can offer you a safe and structured environment where you can find freedom from your addiction and learn life-changing tools to keep your recovery strong.

Benefits of Residential Treatment

When it comes to addiction treatment there are many reasons why a residential program is a good way to go.

  • Time to focus on yourself
  • Time away from negative influences
  • A safe environment to detox
  • Being around other people who understand what you are going through
  • Professional Help
  • Accountability and Support System
  • Healing and Recovery
  • Living in a drug and alcohol-free environment
  • Continued support after completion

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When to Enter Residential Treatment

Residential treatment is the next phase of recovery after Medical Detox for most patients. At this stage, all patients need the round-the-clock care offered at our residential treatment program. Adjusting to the treatment environment is much easier with the full-time support of our Doctors, Nurses, Clinicians, and Support Staff. Our Medical staff is distinctively trained to meet all client needs as patients adjust to recovery at True Self Recovery.

Challenges after Treatment

After leaving a residential treatment facility, you can expect to face challenges. But recovery from addiction is possible. Each time you face a challenge, you have the chance to learn more about your recovery and how to improve it. You can call us at any time to find support and learn more about recovery.

Challenges Include:

  • Relapse triggers, including old friends or places you once used drugs or drank
  • Making new, sober social connections
  • Difficult emotions, like anger, depression, or irritability
  • Boredom, having time to fill that you once spent using
  • Finding a purpose, a new meaning
  • Unrealistic expectations of life in recovery
  • Facing the fear of leaving a safe recovery space

For these reasons, we highly recommend our PHP program with Supportive Housing as the next phase. You can learn more about this here –  Partial Day Treatment

Support System

Once you complete our program, you’re family. We have a wonderful group of alumni in the local area.

The transition home is often difficult because it disrupts all aspects of daily life. The success of staying free from addiction relies heavily on continued involvement with 12-Step meetings, friends, family members and the Support group formed at True Self Recovery.

We also offer an IOP program to help with this transition. Learn more here – Intensive Outpatient 

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