Outpatient Drug Rehab in Arkansas

Outpatient is the final stage of treatment. Our clients at this level focus more on returning to their families, friends, and employers. At this phase our clients will be utilizing the tools they have gained during treatment and applying them in daily life. Still working with a counselor on a scheduled basis and attending group sessions while getting the support they need to navigate through the obstacles that early sobriety presents.
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Intensive Outpatient Drug Rehab in Arkansas

Intensive outpatient drug rehab marks the beginning of a gradual step down process which is designed to help our clients return to their life healthy, happy, and a better version of themselves. More freedom is given to allow for the use of new coping skills and therapy while also attending programming. The intensive outpatient drug rehab process produces the best chances for growth as you or your loved one gradually learn how to not only use the tools given, but thrive off of them as well.

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Partial Day Treatment

Partial hospitalization program (PHP) is less intensive than Residential and is designed as a safe and therapeutic environment for clients to go during the day. A typical day in this phase of treatment can consist of relapse prevention groups, educational groups, skill building activities, individual therapy, and many more. This structured treatment program will run for several hours each day for four to five days per week. It allows the individual to slowly return to everyday life and is in support of recovery as an ongoing process.

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