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Every individual deserves comprehensive health insurance. When it comes to rehab for substance addiction, GEHA Insurance, a distinguished and trusted provider, could be your ideal partner. Are you considering using your GEHA health insurance to facilitate your journey towards recovery?

Here’s an insight into everything you need to know about GEHA Insurance and its association with True Self Recovery for addiction treatment.

What is GEHA Insurance?

GEHA Insurance, the acronym standing for the Government Employees Health Association, is an insurance provider primarily focused on delivering health insurance coverage to federal employees, retirees, and their dependents. Presently, over 2 million individuals benefit from their services.

Notably, GEHA Insurance includes coverage for a vast array of health issues, one being addiction treatment services. This coverage is especially optimized through their collaboration with True Self Recovery, a leading rehab facility.

What Makes GEHA Insurance Beneficial?

Affordability: GEHA offers multiple cost-effective plans, addressing diverse budgetary requirements of their members. 

Holistic Health Services: GEHA Insurance extends coverage for essential health services, including preventive care, emergency aid, mental health support, and importantly, substance abuse treatment. 

Telehealth: Policyholders can leverage virtual consultations with healthcare professionals. 

Health Management Programs: Available to all policyholders, these programs offer guidance and resources for various health conditions. 

Incentive Schemes: GEHA provides incentives and rewards for policyholders actively involved in enhancing their health.

Indeed, GEHA Insurance does provide coverage for drug and alcohol addiction treatment. In compliance with the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (MHPAEA), insurance providers like GEHA are required to offer at least some coverage for substance abuse and addiction treatment services.

However, the depth of this coverage can vary based on specific plans and additional factors such as location and the choice between in-network or out-of-network rehab centers.

Typically, GEHA rehab coverage at True Self Recovery may encompass:

Inpatient Treatment: Also referred to as residential care, wherein patients reside in a treatment facility during their recovery phase.

Outpatient Treatment: This is suitable for mild addiction cases where patients can continue living at home while attending scheduled treatment sessions at the facility.

Detox Program: This is a medically supervised program for the removal of harmful substances from the patient’s body, usually accompanied by withdrawal symptoms.

GEHA health insurance may qualify you for various addiction treatment programs at True Self Recovery, including:

  • Detox 
  • Inpatient / Residential Rehabilitation
  • Partial Hospitalization Treatment
  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment

For detailed information about your coverage, the recommended course of action is to directly reach out to GEHA. A representative can be contacted via the customer service number on your insurance card or through GEHA’s online member portal.

Understanding GEHA’s Insurance Packages GEHA provides a selection of insurance plans, including High and Standard options for both their FEHB (Federal Employees Health Benefits) and CDHP (Consumer Driven Health Plan). Each of these plans offers varying coverage options to cater to diverse needs and budgets.

To fully benefit from your coverage, it is advisable to opt for an in-network rehab center such as True Self Recovery. Choosing an out-of-network rehab center may lead to less comprehensive coverage. 

How Comprehensive is GEHA's Coverage for My Substance Abuse Treatment?

True Self Recovery is in-network with many plans offered by GEHA. However, the length of stay at the residential treatment level of care that GEHA authorizes can vary. The clinical team at True Self Recovery will periodically update GEHA in order to request extended coverage if required.

Recover at True Self Recovery With GEHA Insurance

True Self Recovery is dedicated to providing a safe, encouraging environment for individuals to recover from addiction. If you or a loved one are struggling with a substance use disorder, get in touch with us today. We are in-network with a variety of insurances to ensure individuals can get the help they need without breaking the bank. 

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