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FAQS on Drug Rehabs in Arkansas

Recovering from drug addiction and substance abuse takes effort. Drug rehabs make the process easier to deal with. 

Want to know more about drug rehabs in Arkansas? Here are some commonly asked questions to get you started.

What Treatment Programs Do Drug Rehabs Offer in Arkansas?

Drug rehabs in Arkansas offer a host of programs and options. Some of these programs include

  • Detox programs– These are programs that help participants remove all traces of the drug. They also help with the withdrawal symptoms
  • Inpatient programs– This refers to treatment programs that require you to reside in the medical facility throughout treatment. Inpatient rehabs in Arkansas are recommended in cases of severe addiction.
  • Outpatient Programs– This is the opposite of inpatient programs. These are treatment programs where the participant does not have to reside in the facility.
  • Sober Living Homes– This is a bridge between treatment and recovery. Most participants use this period to cultivate healthier habits and fight relapses.

Other services such as counseling and support groups might also be offered. You can make more inquiries from your preferred rehab center. Rehabs for alcohol in Arkansas will also offer similar treatment plans.

What are 30-Day Rehabs in Arkansas?

30-day rehabs are short-term drug and substance disorder treatment programs. It aims to strike a balance between long treatment programs and excessive short ones.

While the name implies that every program lasts for 30 days, these programs can range from 3-6 weeks. Most 30-day rehabs in Arkansas will offer behavior therapies and medicated-assisted treatments. 

It will also require participants reside at the medical facility for the duration of the program. If you prefer 30-day rehabs, you can ask your rehab center if they offer that option.

Are There Faith-Based Rehabs in Arkansas?

Yes, they are. Most rehab centers in Arkansas integrate faith-based therapies and treatments into their programs. 

Most faith-based programs will include both mental and spiritual recovery plans. Participants will usually also go through meditation, counseling, and adventure programs. Other treatment programs vary depending on the rehab center.

Popular faith-based rehab centers in Arkansas include

  • Little Rock Compassion
  • Project New Start
  • Teen Challenge of Arkansas

Are There Rehabs for Couples in Arkansas?

Some rehab centers in Arkansas offer plans for couples. Most programs focus on behavioral couple therapy. This therapy helps couples with drug, alcohol, or substance abuse. 

It also helps them resolve issues in their relationship. This includes domestic violence, trust issues, and codependency. 

Most treatment plans will be inpatient or outpatient. Inpatient treatment plans will require couples to reside in the supportive facility for a month. Outpatient treatment programs require daily visits from home.

Are There Rehabs in Arkansas that Accept Ambetter Insurance?

Using Ambetter insurance? Many rehab centers in Arkansas accept Ambetter insurance. If you are unsure of your options, you can find out more from your chosen rehab center. They will be happy to help you out. 

Ambetter insurance also has its in-network providers. Finding out about these providers might be helpful

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