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Intensive Outpatient

We make sure our clients become gradually reintroduced into society in a positive way. Each case is unique and requires an individualized approach for this process. It is our goal to promote emotional growth in our clients to learn how to have healthy and supportive relationships with those around them.

Intensive outpatient marks the beginning of a gradual step down process which is designed to help our clients return to their life healthy, happy, and a better version of themselves. More freedom is given to allow for the use of new coping skills and therapy while also attending programming. This process produces the best chances for growth as you or your loved one gradually learn how to not only use the tools given, but thrive off of them as well.

  • Gradual step-down process
  • Therapy and programming continue
  • Help with seeking employment
  • Assistance with building a support network
  • Practice applying new life skills

We make sure our clients have the tools they need when they reach the final stage of our recovery process. With a newfound sense of self and a growing support network, you or your loved one can experience life with a happy and healthy new perspective.

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